Beard Shampoo vs Normal Shampoo

A question that crops up from time to time is can I use normal hair shampoo to wash my beard? Afterall, when you are having a shower and time is not on your side, it is very easy to grab whatever shampoo is close to hand and use that.

While it may be at times convenient, using normal shampoo on your beard is not recommended. Regular shampoos are designed for the hair on your scalp, which is typically thicker and more resilient than the hair on your face. Beard hair tends to be coarser, more delicate, and more prone to dryness and breakage.

Beard hair also has different needs compared to scalp hair. It can be drier, and the underlying skin can be more sensitive. Using a regular shampoo may strip the natural oils from your beard hair and skin, leading to dryness, itchiness, and potential damage.

To properly care for your beard, it is advisable to use a specialised beard shampoo or a mild, sulfate-free cleanser specifically formulated for facial hair. Beard shampoos are designed to cleanse your beard without stripping away the natural oils, helping to keep it healthy, soft, and manageable. Some beard shampoos are available as a 2-in-1 solution with the inclusion of a conditioner in the formula.

A beard shampoo is a great first step in your beard care routine. If you want to take your beard care routine even further, youĀ can also add other beard care products to your routineĀ such as a quality beard conditioner, beard butter and beard oil. These beard products provide extra moisture and nourishment, keeping your beard hydrated and promoting a healthier appearance post wash. Finally, with cleansing and treatment complete on your beard you are ready to style and shape your beard with a beard balm. Perfect to keep all those stray whiskers under control.

In our final word on beard cleansing options, we believe it is a big NO when it comes to normal shampoo in your beards. The best thing you can do for your beard is invest in a good quality beard specific wash or shampoo for your beard. Luckily at Gentleman & Son, we are one of Australiaā€™s largest stockists of beard shampoos with a broad selection of premium brands to chose from.

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October 16, 2023 — Team G + S