Leaf Shave - The Leaf Super Bundle

The Leaf Super Bundle is the most popular bundle in the Leaf Shave range. This is truly the ultimate bundle for The Leaf razor. You'll have the most advanced plastic-free razor on earth, designed for any body shaving anywhere.

This bundle has all of the accessories you'd ever want to go with your Leaf razor.

We have pre-selected the most popular combinations of Grip Sleeve and Case colours to match the razors. No substitutions please.

WHAT"S INCLUDED IN THE BUNDLE: 1 * The Leaf Razor, 1 * The Leaf Razor Stand, 1 * The Leaf Grip Sleeve, 1 * The Leaf Travel Case, 1 * Shave Soap Bar, 1 * Blade Recycling Tin, 1 * 50 Blade Pack


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