Our Welcome Blog

Welcome to today's humble introductory blog which will be the first of many blogs to come. Our blogs are set to feature and highlight so much more about what it takes to be a better individual than what you would expect from a men's grooming, shaving and skincare store. We will have the product reviews, announcements, how to's, tips & tricks and the expert guidance you would typically expect when it comes to male styling, grooming and general personal care.

But what about feeling and being better? We believe that this is the perfect platform to explore the nuances of self care, relationships and self awareness for men in today's challenging world. For this we will look to our outside professional experts and contributors to guide us. Sometimes we all need a little guidance or refresher on how to navigate our way through life's ups and downs.

The cherry on top of this blogging pie will be regular contributions from inspiring individuals who are either every day people or leaders in their respective fields. Discover what motivates them to excel and drive positive change in their work, life and relationships.

Stay tuned for the latest.

December 18, 2019 — Team G + S